Supplements for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

January 7, 2020

There are 3 building blocks of weight loss or muscle gain: exercise, diet, and supplements. Think of it as the tripod of body-change – pull one leg out, and the other two legs are going to have to reorganize and do a lot more work to make-up for the missing leg.

Supplements are intimidating, and for good reason – they’re expensive, can have side effects or be dangerous, and there’s just so damn many of them! It feels like there’s always a new vitamin, mineral, or supplement being discussed and people don’t know whether they should just add them on until we’re taking handfuls of tablets and pills everyday, or whether something is for the short-term, is redundant, or may even be cancelling-out something else you’re taking.

If you think you can just toss back a handful of supplements or throw them all in your smoothie and your body is absorbing them, think again. We get maybe a quarter of the nutrients you think you’re putting in your body. We’ll go into depth on that issue at another time. For now, here’s the supplements you should be taking and when. Note that “Prior to Lunch” would ideally also be “Post Workout.”

Upon Waking / Prior to Food
Alpha Lipoic Acid600mg
Garlic Extract1000mg
Green Tea Extract800mg
Omega-3 Fish Oil1500mg
Vitamin C1000mg
Prior to Lunch
Alpha Lipoic Acid600mg
Garcinia Cambogia1500mg
Garlic Extract500mg
Green Tea Extract800mg
Prior to Dinner
Alpha Lipoic Acid600mg
Garcinia Cambogia1500mg
Garlic Extract1000mg
At Bedtime
Alpha Lipoic Acid600mg
CLA PM3400mg
Omega-3 Fish Oil1500mg


One day per week, don’t take any supplements. Every 6 weeks, take an entire week off. Your body needs to refresh.

What do they all do?

Click the yellow titles of each supplement to go to the product I recommend on In choosing a specific product, I have taken into account the quality, dosage, price, and quantity, in that order. I am not associated with any of the companies, they are just my opinion and what I myself take.

ALAs (Alpha Lipoic Acid)

300-600mg / 3-4 times daily.  Potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger that regenerates Vitamins C and E, and increases muscular absorption of nutrients and calories consumed (rather than storing them as fat) which also supports increases in muscle strength.  Especially effective in storing carbohydrates you eat as fuel for muscles and liver instead of storing as fat.  In the event of acid reflux symptoms, decrease dosage to 100mg per intake.   

BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

1000mg / Once daily Builds collagen to make your skin awesome, removes liver toxins to help burn fat, and increases growth hormone for muscle tone and burning of fat.

B-Complex Vitamin

Once daily Boosts energy production and fat loss (especially blends rich in niacin and biotin).

Calcimate (with Vitamin D-3)

2000mg / 2 times daily  Increases bone density and strong, healthy bones.  D-3 aids calcium absorption.  

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

2000mg / 2 times daily Blocks fat storage and prompts cells to dump the fat they’re already holding.  Helps develop muscle.


2000mg / Once daily at bedtime Same benefits as regular CLA but with a “relaxation complex” that will ensure you aren’t energized at bedtime and helps you sleep soundly and for greatest energy rejuvenation.  Works while you sleep.

Ethyl Ester Creatine

1500mg, 50%-80% HCA / 2 times daily  Raises metabolic rate slightly, therefore burning more fat over the long haul.  Increases muscle strength which also boosts calories burned daily, and lets you workout harder and longer.

Garcinia Cambogia

1500mg / 2 times daily  Decreases appetite by causing you to feel satisfied with smaller portions and access your stores for energy.

Garlic Extract  (with Allicin 6000)

1000mg / 2 times daily  Inhibits fat regain, strengthens immune system, and manages cholesterol levels.  Even better than the extract, eat fresh raw cloves of garlic which actually wont make your breath as potent as you’d expect.  


2000mg / Once daily  An extract of konjac root that contains fiber and decreases cholesterol.  Promotes feeling of fullness, supports regularity of digestion.


500mg / 2-3 times daily  It inhibits glycolysis, your body’s breakdown of glucose (sugar) so that it has to get energy from fat instead of sugar, which helps prevent insulin resistance.  Research also shows it promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and mimics the effects of calorie restriction.  (Source: Super Human, Dave Asprey)

Green Tea Extract

800mg with 50-60% ECGC / 2 times daily   Decreases the risk of UV-induced skin damage, inhibits cancer growth, reduces mitochondrial oxidative stress (aka anti-aging), and gives you energy that you would normally be getting from over-intake of carbs and sugars.  Also incrases apoptosis (death) of mature fat cells thereby preventing the horrible rebounding most dieters experience (instead of your fat cells just shrinking, they will actually die and exit the body).  


1000mg / 2-8 times daily for first 5 days, then decrease to 1000-3000mg once daily post-workout  An amino acid commonly used as a post-workout supplement.  Helps food be absorbed into your system for optimal muscular function.  Also speeds muscle repair and helps prevent soreness.


500mg / Once daily  Controls blood sugar levels, activates enzymes that accelerate metabolism, and fights cravings. 

Omega-3 Fish Oil / Fatty Acids

1000-3000mg / Once daily  Blocks inflammation and pain, enhance the efficiency of leptin (a hormone that tells your body you’re full), prevents depression, and protects joints.  


20-25mg / Once daily  An extract of sugar cane that increases HDL (good) cholesterol and decreases LDL (bad) cholesterol and ultimately aids in reduction of body fat.  

Vitamin C  (containing Ester-c)

500-1000mg / Once daily  Stabilizes adrenal glands which helps control fat-storing hormones like cortisol.  Causes you to burn more fat through exercise than you normally would.

You can download an easy pdf of all the info above:

© Brett Bennett, 1/7/2020

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